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Meet Dr. Garrett Smith

Finding a Solution With Chiropractic

Chiropractor Liberty, Dr. Garrett SmithDr. Garrett played football in college and worked in a factory that left him with severe back pain. Unable to get out of bed, he sought the help of the team’s athletic trainers, who couldn’t agree on what was wrong. They sent him to the team physician, who took expensive images but didn’t inform Dr. Garrett what was happening. Finally, at the end of his rope and needing to return to work, he went to a Chiropractor who got him up and running. Not only was the back pain alleviated, but the digestive issues he’d had for years cleared up, too. “I realized there was more to Chiropractic. I knew being a pro football player wasn’t in my future. If I could help someone like the Chiropractor helped me, it would be a rewarding and fulfilling career path.”

Earning Multiple Qualifications

Dr. Garrett attended Cleveland Chiropractic College, where he complemented his Chiropractic education in school by traveling to various conferences that would further hone his craft. “I look at Chiropractic care as an art form that has to be trained on daily. After my graduation, I completed a mission trip to Haiti, where despite a language barrier, I adjusted about 800 people in eight days. It was a fantastic, hands-on experience.” Dr. Garrett has been extensively trained on how to work with children, from newborns to those with demanding, neuro-developmental challenges, such as ADHD, SPD, ASD and many other health conditions. To further his knowledge, Dr. Garrett takes regular continuing education courses on topics such as Applied Kinesiology, the Webster Technique and more. Licensed in acupuncture, he finds it gratifying to be able to use this form of Traditional Chinese Medicine to help his patients experience pain relief and much more. CHIROPRACTIC CARE »

A Truly Family-oriented Practice

Dr. Garrett is passionate about serving all ages, particularly children and entire families who improve their health together. When you arrive, you might meet Dr. Garrett’s mother – we like to say that “mom” stands for “My Office Manager.” Dr. Garrett’s little brother and his father are often here, too. Outside of the office, Dr. Garrett likes to exercise, lift weights, travel and scuba dive. He’s a member of the Missouri State Chiropractic Association, the Liberty Area Chamber of Commerce and is program director for the Liberty Rotary Club. Find out more about what we can do for you. Contact us today! Same-day appointments are available.

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