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Feel both wired and tired at the same time?

stressed womanIf you feel like you are in a crisis mode constantly – maybe it is because you are. It happens to a lot of people in this country. We go, go, and go. We are in a constant crisis mode, never able to fully relax, in a prolonged state of stress. If you find yourself feeling both tired and wired at the same time, you could be experiencing Dyautonomia. Don’t feel bad about it. Your body may have been on the gas pedal for years. It has a cumulative effect on your health, it can wear you down. Chiropractic can help. Read more to find out what’s actually happening in your body.

Dysautonomia can wreck your health. 

Most people come in first to our office because they have pain. However, there are so many other things that the pain is signaling in your body. One of the big ones is called: Dysautonomia. Dysautonomia is a dis-regulation of the autonomic nervous system – the nervous system that goes to our organs and affects our body’s ability to do things automatically. When we are in this state our nerve energy and our body’s focus will move away from important automatic functions, like the digestive system or the reproductive system. Anything that has to do with resting can be inhibited. In a state of Dysautonomia, you will experience more tension in your shoulders. Your blood pressure rises. Your digestion is inhibited. Many of the systems of your body are inhibited. In Dysautonomia, your body will move towards a fight or flight response. It’s going to dilate the bronchi in your lungs. It’s going to activate your secondary muscles of respiration. You are going to get tense. It’s going to inhibit your saliva. It’s going to move more blood to the extremities, the muscles and the skin. The body does all these things so you can run away faster or fight harder. It is moving to defensive mode.

You mean I am never at rest?

A lot of times, I find that the body interprets nervous system interference as a major problem. It puts people in that fight or flight protective mode. This is called the “sympathetic dominance mode.” It can happen if you have hurt your back. It can also be something that has been present since birth. A baby may be colicky. They may have trouble digesting. Their body may have been in defense mode rather than growth mode from minute one. This situation has become epidemic in our country, because of the high stress, high demand lives we are living.

Just consider the life of an average mom… She has a thousand things going on at once. She has to control and coordinate every one of them, from soccer practice, to bed time, and make sure everybody makes it home safe at night. She is stressed by the daily things, like driving in the car going through traffic, and dealing with a whole bunch of other people. She is literally in crisis mode constantly.

unhappy childOur kids are affected…

Our kids can get in this mode through stimulus like video games or screens. When we have those high activity video games, or iPad movies that we give our kids, the sympathetic nervous system is stressed. It’s like giving them a little hit of dopamine. It can prolong this cycle of stress. It’s really crazy the effect all of these things can have on the human brain.

That must have a major effect on my health

When somebody is under that prolonged stressed-out state, their body is not able to function in a healthy way and develop optimally. That is what chiropractic can help fix. We empower you to take control of your health.  We use cutting edge technology including digital x-rays and a 3-tiered nervous system scan, to help create a unique plan to help you live an optimally healthy life.

Chiropractic can help We will get your nervous system communicating the way it’s designed to communicate. That is your first step towards optimal health. I want that for you. Chiropractic can help you build a better life with good health. I can help your body step on the break, get out of the fast lane and take you to a better place of good health.

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