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Toxins - How you could be causing trauma at Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Stop right there before you take another bite!

What you are eating could be causing your pain! Have you ever felt like feeding your kids is like maneuvering a toxic jungle?bad food You don’t know whether to eat gluten or dairy; what kinds of foods might harm your body; what type of sugar to eat; whether to vaccinate your kids or not; whether your shampoo or soap is harming you or your family. Try just doing a little research on the foods we eat every day and the chemicals we have in our environment, and you will find yourself deep in a jungle. Chiropractic can help.

The situation is getting worse every year.

As we are innovating through science, we are taking shortcuts and putting out things that maybe shouldn’t even be in our environment, and definitely shouldn’t be in our body. It can seem really tricky, and hard to identify the best choices to ensure optimal health for you or your children. You also may be wondering how chiropractic has to do with it? Each of those environmental toxins you eat can affect your neurology. That pain you feel could be because of what you eat. Food and drinks can change the way our nervous system works. If you don’t believe food can affect the way you feel, think about food poisoning. Anyone who has had food poisoning knows there were physical effects of the experience. There was pain, maybe a headache, maybe your whole body ached or perhaps you even got dizzy. In any case, the physical effect extended beyond an upset stomach.

Food has a direct physical effect on your neurology. 

That example is an immediate and dramatic effect. For most people, a severe food poisoning reaction is easy to relate back to the toxin they put in their body, but the body does not always have that immediate and easily recognizable reaction to food. Most people develop difficult reactions over time.french fries

The physical effects of toxins are sometimes more cumulative.

I had some dietary issues when I was in college. I was playing football. I was trying to gain weight. I wasn’t eating the best food for me. That led to some digestive issues including severely debilitating heart burn. When I started getting adjusted for back pain, I realized that my digestive issues got better. I was relieved, but I also had to stop putting those toxins in my body. After a while, I noticed, if I kept eating a bad diet, the conditions came back eventually. I could actually feel a spot between my shoulder blades ache whenever I would eat something that was fried. It wouldn’t take very long and it would set off that muscle pain in my back. Then heartburn would ensue. I would get adjusted, and it cleared up. If I continued to eat a poor diet, I was just perpetrating that cycle.

Food either helps or hurts you.

Food is always tricky because there are several elements to the way our body interacts with it. There’s the physical way it feels. There is the way it tastes, and there really is a psychological or emotional reaction. If we’re not eating healthy, we may even have certain microorganisms in our gut that will dictate our hunger, and how our mental state is. The foods you put in your body and the chemicals you put in your body are either helping you heal or they are slowly poisoning you. If you have a subluxation in your spine, your problem can potentially be worse. Chiropractic helps the process of healing from toxins, by making sure we have healthy neurology running to our digestive system; large intestine, small intestine and stomach. If we don’t have that, we are put in that parasympathetic state. Our body will struggle to produce the right gastric enzymes to digest our food, then it doesn’t matter what we eat, we might find ourselves having issues with everything.

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