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Why I became a Chiropractor (One doctor's story)

I was healthy and young. I played college football at the University of Central Missouri. I knew about Chiropractic, but I didn’t think I needed it – yet.

Then, I hurt my back

It wasn’t on the field, but rather one summer, while working at a lawn mower factory that I really hurt my back. Since I was a college athlete, the first thing I did was to go to the team athletic trainers. There were two of them and they had very different opinions about what I had done to myself. One of them said it was a ligament. The other one said it was a disc. Neither felt like they could help me. They both referred me to the team physician, who did a SPECT scan on me. For that scan, they inject you with radioactive die and take a picture.  It didn’t help. No one told me what the results were, and I was still lying in bed. I couldn’t work, and I couldn’t work out.

I decided to go home I had a friend whose dad was a chiropractor. I showed him the results of the tests. He started adjusting me, treating me, telling me what to do and what not to do.

It was completely different and it worked! I was back on my feet really quickly. The back pain was gone. I could go back to working out. I could go back to working. But that wasn’t the only thing.

NOT only was the pain gone, but my long-term digestive issues had gotten significantly better.

Before my back injury and seeking chiropractic, I had experienced significant digestive issues. It had been bad.  It was constant pain. I had to control exactly what I ate. It limited me. I had to take over the counter medicine every time I ate. It was life altering. Sometimes I couldn’t even sleep, because when I laid down the acid was there burning. Before Chiropractic, I was taking a prescription drug and an over the counter drug at least twice a day. After I started going to the chiropractor for my back pain, I noticed quick results. I noticed I didn’t need those medications for heart burn and I stopped having to go to the bathroom so much. I was really fortunate, but I did not immediately connect my digestive cure to my chiropractic care. I was just glad those problems were gone. When I noticed they started to come back after I had not been adjusted for a while. Then, I knew chiropractic had been a double cure.

I wanted to help others have the same relief!

real football picI had always been interested in science. I studied chemistry and was getting a biology degree, but I knew I did not want to go to medical school. My father had always benefited from chiropractic care for years. Given my experience and his, I thought, if I could go into chiropractic and do something for someone else, like that doctor had done for me, then it would be very rewarding. It absolutely is! I have a passion for health and wellness. I love what I do because every day I get to show people how to put the incredible benefits of chiropractic care to work in their lives.

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